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Strong Musk Gazelle Alcohol Free Arabian Perfume Oil for men and women

SKU MP044-12ML
Musk gazelle has a very strength earthy and rustic smell which carries tones of musk from the gazelle.
The oils is very manly and mimics the natural odor of the deer musk.
The original animals musky smell is full of pheromones and the oil can also gave aphrodisiac for some.
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1. Fragrances are naturally created using base oils from plants and other organic substances. As such, the fragrances and smells of the oils will change throughout the year. Fragrances that are not synthetically manufactured are created using real ingredients that are subject to seasonal weather and other environmental factors.
2. The body oils we provide are ONLY for topical use. Avoid contact with eyes. If you do get oils in your eye, flush the eye with cold water or milk. If stinging continue, please get medical help.
3. Do not consume the body oils. Keep body oils and fragrance oils away from children and pets to ensure that they are not consumed. If body oils are consumed in a large quantity, please seek medical care immediately.
4. If you are allergic to certain plants or fruits, please be careful when using the oils. If you notice any reactions or changes in your skin after using the oils, please seek medical care before the symptoms worsen.
5. Body oils and fragrance oils will not cure any illnesses or medically diagnosed problems. If you are using the oils for therapy, please inform your therapist or under the guidance of your health care provider.
6. We claim no responsibility for misuse or abuse of the oils by our customers.

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