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“Al-Hijaz”, also called “Hejaz” or “The Western Province”, is the original name of the most culturally influential region in the Middle East. This area is the most populated region of the Arabian Peninsula and encompasses the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Events in Hijaz changed the momentum of civilization centuries ago. The historical incidents which took place in this region would redefine art, fashion, religion, politics, architecture, travel, technology and much more.

In the same spirit that the land of Hijaz changed culture, we aspire to influence the everyday wardrobes to reflect the cultures of those around the world. European fashion has been the mainstay for high fashion for many years, we have come to change that! Thobes (aka thawbs or jalabiya) are due for an update. Arabic clothing for men and women has not changed much since the middle 20th century, we intend to revive the culture and traditions by offering modern abayas and thobes for those who are fashionably astute without sacrificing modesty

We are also revolutionizing the Indian and Pakistani Fashion industry by bringing together the best of haute European fashion and cultural desi apparel. Kurtas or salwars are the everyday garb for many around the South Asian region. With our Men’s Kurtas and Women’s Kurti Tunic Tops, you can be fashionable and culturally dressed in confidence.

Perfumes and fragrance body oils are also important in many traditions and cultures. That is why we do our best to provide authentic fragrances that remind you of home and allow you reminisce proudly on your ethnicity. We bring our alcohol free scented oils from the source, right to your door. You no longer need to go to Egypt, Africa, India, or the Arabian Peninsula to find your favorite Fragrances.

If you’re are looking for local stores in charlotte that sell modest clothing and cultural wear, you can find us at: 400 E Arrowhead Dr. Charlotte, NC 28213.

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