Hijaz Cultural Fashion

Black and Orange Checkered Design Shemagh Tactical Desert Turban Scarf Keffiyeh

Our stunning Checkered Design Shemaghs are the perfect addition to your closet. With a beautiful woven design it keeps you looking stylish no matter the occasion. Made out of 100% cotton, it will protect you from the Earth's elements. Shemagh scarves protect you from, dust, sand, heat, hard winds, snow, and the sun. They are light weight and perfect for traveling. Whether you are traveling to a city, through a dessert, mountain, camping, or even simply staying at home. Our scarves will keep you stylish, comfortable and well protected! Extremely verstile, there are many uses for our Shemaghs. You could use them as a neck or head Turban Scarf, sun and dust protection, blanket, towel, etc. With a variety of different colors to choose from, our Shemaghs will quickly become a staple in your closet. Thanks for shopping Hijaz.

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