Hijaz Cream V-Neck Short Sleeve Casual Cotton Men's Thobe Arab Robe Dishdasha

$15.99 $29.99
SKU MHT048-52

This one size thobe fits everyone! Just choose your length and slip into a wonderful and comfortable robe that you will love to wear everywhere. These thobes are 100% cotton and are great for every climate.

The Thobe has a deep V Neck look which is popular in many countries. The Thobe is cut for any chest size, neck, or arm size. So no matter what length you choose, the thobe will be comfortable.

TIP: To find the right length, measure from your shoulder to your ankle, that is the height you will need to buy. Generally, if you are 6' Tall, you would need a length 60 Thobe. These Arab robes are great no matter what length you decide to wear. If you need to know your size, don't hesitate to ask.

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