Hijaz Mens Premium White Military Kurta Top Wrinkle Free Cotton Short Tunic Indian Party Wear Throbe Asian Streetwear Top


This kurta is made from Premium 100% cotton which feels great and is easy to wash. The kurta is cut in militrary style and has two fron pockets as well as two side pockets. The sleeve also had a button for keeping the sleeves rolled up. The syle is popular in South Asian countries and is great for the grunge style military tech wear look. The cool Premium cotton makes it ideal for warmer climates and hot summer days. This kurta would also make a great addition to your wardrobe for ethnic weddings or celebrations. The dimensions are tailored but leave plenty of breathing room for moving around in your kurta without damaging it. Wear it and see just how amazing this Kurta is.

SIZE Chest Waist Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 38 40 19 24 45
M 40 42 20 25 45
L 42 44 22 25 45
XL 44 46 22 25 45
XXL 46 48 23 25 45
XXXL 48 48 23 25 45

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