Hijaz White Long Sleeve Cotton Men's Indian Long Pattern Kurta with Pockets

$20.00 $49.99
Color White

Hijaz authentic men's Indian knee length kurta. This design sports a faint floral design with floral prints on top. the subtle yet detailed pattern looks great from a distance and up close. this kurta is made from 100% cotton material with no blend. the material is a high quality one sided piece with great breathability.

Indian kurtas are a common form of clothing for many in south Asian countries. This particular design is great for most occasions casual, formal and semi formal events including holidays are perfect to wear this kurta. try it for yourself and see how comfortable the kurta feels in any climate.

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SIZE Chest Waist Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 38 40 19 24 35
M 40 42 20 25 35
L 42 44 22 25 35
XL 44 46 22 25 35
XXL 46 48 23 25 35
XXXL 48 48 23 25 35

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